Energy-SHIFTS, Energy Social sciences & Humanities Innovation Forum Targeting the SET-Plan, is holding its first event on 4th April 2019 with a pressure-cooker workshop in Rotterdam hosted by DRIFT with contributor Energy Cities.  

Examining diversity, contributions and challenges of social innovation for energy transitions” is the workshop call to action, that aims at the following objectives:

  • To unpack Social Innovations in Energy (SIE)
    • To exchange knowledge and practices.
    • With participants from a diversity of professional (science, policy, practice) and disciplinary (governance, anthropology, psychology, etc.) backgrounds.
  • To draw up a (research) agenda for SIE

Pressure-Cooker Workshop

The main objective of the workshop is to gain insights into Social Innovations in Energy, and to use this as crucial input for a collaboratively written article as well as a workshop report.

The pressure-cooker workshop format allows for discussions and examination of practices, findings and lessons that participants bring with them. It aims to ensure discussions are timely and relevant for stakeholders, and includes working in small groups and debating in larger groups.