ESRs will have unique opportunities to work with partners and project collaborators, primarily through the Scoping Workshops, Working Groups, and Policy Fellowships.

The ESR programme offered by Energy-SHIFTS will engage researchers in the first four years of their research career into energy issues.

It is designed to make them more impactful and create the conditions to exchange knowledge and experience with other actors active in the field of policymaking.

18 ESRs, supported by the task leaders, will have a chance to realize the various tasks in accordance with their scientific interests. They will be encouraged to contribute creatively to the project achievements.

The programme enables participation in one of the project activities: Scoping Workshops, Working Groups or the innovative project of Policy Fellowship.

Apart from that, ESRs are invited to join SHIFTS project community by subscribing to our newsletter through this we will advertise:

  • Specific Ph.D./ESR opportunities from partner projects.

  • Blog posts and videos from PhDs/ESRs as part of the Energy-SHIFTS project.

  • Webinars and citizens debates

Contact person: Aleksandra Wagner, Jagiellonian University