Horizon Scanning Working Group 1: Renewables

The Energy-SHIFTS Working Groups – of which there are four – run from Autumn 2019 to Summer 2020. This Working Group 1 is specifically interested in research broadly relating to Renewables. We will provide a detailed list of 100 Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) research questions relating to Renewables, which we believe should be prioritised in future EU-funded research and innovation, specifically under Horizon Europe.

We are identifying these research questions through a systematic Horizon Scanning methodology. Horizon Scanning is a widely used set of methods that are used to gain ‘foresight’ about emerging opportunities and risks, identify knowledge gaps at the frontiers of fast-evolving phenomena, and set strategic priorities for decision-makers or researchers.

Energy-SHIFTS has a direct policy advice role to the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), and this Working Group will submit its funding recommendations to its Ecological and Social Transitions (C5) and the Clean Energy Transition (D1) units.

Further information can be sought from the Working Group Chairs:
• Prof. Dr. Derk Loorbach loorbach@drift.eur.nl
• Ass. Prof. Dr. Timo v. Wirth vonwirth@drift.eur.nl

Working Group 1 steering committee

Prof. Dr. Derk Loorbach
Prof. Dr. Derk LoorbachChair
Dutch Research Institute for Transitions, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Ass. Prof. Dr. Timo v. Wirth
Ass. Prof. Dr. Timo v. WirthChair
Dutch Research Institute for Transitions, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Wagner
Prof. Dr. Aleksandra WagnerCo-Chair
Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland
Ronan Palmer
Ronan PalmerCritical Policy Friend
E3G – Third Generation Environmentalism
Olga Coretcaia
Olga CoretcaiaEarly Stage Researcher
Utrecht University
Robert Wade
Robert WadeEarly Stage Researcher
Queen University Belfast

Working Group 1 members

We are very grateful for the following colleagues who are kindly engaging with us in this Horizon Scanning initiative, as part of the core group of researchers that are helping to select our final research funding priorities and to develop an accompanying narrative that binds our recommendations together.

Name and Surname Affiliation Country
Cigdem Adem Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East Turkey
Sanne Akerboom University of Utrecht The Netherlands
Susana Batel ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa Portugal
Florian Caspar Kaunas University of Technology Lithuania
Chiara Certoma University of Ghent Belgium
Aleh Cherp Central European University Hungary
Justyna Chodakowska-Miszczuk Nicolaus Copernicus University Poland
Matjaž Denac University of Maribor Slovenia
Dusana Dokupilova Slovak Academy of Sciences Slovakia
Merethe Dotterud Leiren CICERO Norway
Marina Frolova Ignatieva University of Granada Spain
Daniel Gabaldón-Estevan University of Valencia Spain
Małgorzata Grodzieńska-Jurczak Jagiellonian University Poland
Ana Horta University of Lisboa Portugal
Peter Karnoe Aalborg University Denmark
Johann Liliestam IASS Potsdam Germany
Jochen Markard Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Switzerland
Matúš Mišik University of Bratislava Slovakia
Susanne Muhlemeier Electricite Switzerland Switzerland
Sophie Nemoz Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin France
Måns Nilsson Stockholm Environment Institute Sweden
Jan Osicka Masaryk University Czech Republic
Louiza Papamikrouli ΓΓΕΚ | General Secretariat for Research and Innovation – GSRI Greece
Luigi Pellizioni Università di Pisa Italy
Siddarth Sareen University of Bergen Norway
Mauro Sarrica University of Rome Italy
Gill Seyfang University of East Anglia UK
Karen Smith Stegen Jacobs University Bremen Germany
Benjamin Sovacool University of Sussex UK
Audrone Telesiene Coordinator of RN12 ESA, Environment and Society Lithuania
Veronika Zapletalova Masaryk University Czech Republic
Simone Abram Durham University UK

*Additional members may be added in due course

Key publications

Foulds, C., Bharucha, Z.P., Krupnik, S., de Geus, T., Suboticki, I., Royston, S. and Ryghaug, M., 2019. An approach to identifying future Social Sciences & Humanities energy research priorities for Horizon Europe: Working Group guidelines for systematic Horizon Scanning. Cambridge: Energy-SHIFTS.