Horizon Scanning Working Group 2: Smart Consumption

The Energy-SHIFTS Working Groups – of which there are four – run from Autumn 2019 to Summer 2020.This Working Group 2 is specifically interested in research broadly relating to Smart Consumption. ‘Smart’ in this context refers to energy technologies which are digitally enabled and networked for monitoring and/or control. The term ‘Consumption’ highlights an emphasis on these technologies in homes, workplaces and communities, rather than within industrial scale production or use of energy.

We will provide a detailed list of 100 Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) research questions relating to Transport and Mobility, which we believe should be prioritised in future EU-funded research and innovation, specifically under Horizon Europe. We are identifying these research questions through a systematic Horizon Scanning methodology.

Energy-SHIFTS has a direct policy advice role to the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD),and this Working Group will submit its funding recommendations to its Ecological and Social Transitions (C5) and the Clean Energy Transition (D1) units.

Further information can be sought from the Working Group Co-Chair Tomas Moe Skjølsvold (tomas.skjolsvold@ntnu.no) or Chair Rosie Robison (rosie.robison@anglia.ac.uk)

Working Group 2 steering committee

Rosie Robison
Rosie RobisonChair
Anglia Ruskin University,
United Kingdom
Tomas Moe Skjølsvold
Tomas Moe SkjølsvoldCo-chair
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norwey
Emily Judson
Emily JudsonEarly Stage Researcher
University of Exeter,
United Kingdom
Johanna Lehne
Johanna LehneCritical Policy Friend
Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G),
Viera Pechancová
Viera PechancováEarly Stage Researcher
Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic

Working Group 2 members

We are very grateful for the following colleagues who are kindly engaging with us in this Horizon Scanning initiative, as part of the core group of researchers that are helping to select our final research funding priorities and to develop an accompanying narrative that binds our recommendations together.

Name and surname Affiliation Country
Tom Hargreaves University of East Anglia United Kingdom
Stefan Schartzkopf Copenhagen Business School Denmark
Grégoire Wallenborn Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Christian Büscher Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
Andrew Karvonen KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Sarah Darby University of Oxford UK
Yael Parag Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya Israel
Olivia Bina University of Lisbon Portugal
Melike Demirbağ-Kaplan Yasar University / Hochschule für Wirtschaft, Technik und Kultur Turkey / Germany
Mojca Drevensek EN-LITE Society for Strengthening Energy Literacy Slovenia
Mariusz Swora Swora Legal Poland
Lise Tjørring University of Copenhagen Denmark
Hug March Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Spain
Cecilia Katzeff KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Annemie Wyckmans NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
Bohumil Frantál Czech Academy of Sciences Czech Republic
Maarten Wolsink University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Ângela Guimarães Pereira European Commission Joint Research Centre Italy
Giuseppe Carrus Roma Tre University Italy
Noortje Marres University of Warwick United Kingdom
Bas van Vliet Wageninen University The Netherlands
Giorgio Osti Trieste University Italy
Sara Renstroem RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Sweden
Maria Kola-Bezka Nicolaus Copernicus University Poland
Ellen van der Werff University of Groningen The Netherlands
Fanni Sáfián Hungarian Energy Efficiancy Institute Hungary
Ana Prades CIEMAT (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas) Spain
Senja Laakso University of Helsinki Finland
Sylvie Douzou Électricité de France (EDF) France
Gudrun Lettmayer Joanneum Research Austria
Liliia Bilous V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Ukraine

*Additional members may be added in due course

Key publications

Foulds, C., Bharucha, Z.P., Krupnik, S., de Geus, T., Suboticki, I., Royston, S. and Ryghaug, M., 2019. An approach to identifying future Social Sciences & Humanities energy research priorities for Horizon Europe: Working Group guidelines for systematic Horizon Scanning. Cambridge: Energy-SHIFTS.