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Matching policyworkers with researchers: Policy Fellowships


As part of Energy-SHIFTS, we enable one-to-one dialogue between policyworkers and energy experts in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).This means that we facilitate face-to-face as well as online meetings. These meetings are focussed on crucial energy issues and are meant to create a reciprocal relationship between researchers and policyworkers.

After a selection procedure in 2019, twenty policyworkers across different scale levels and geographies will be selected as Policy Fellows (meet them here). Each Policy Fellow provides input on a specific policy challenge that he or she is dealing with. In 2020, fellows are matched to energy-SSH experts who are conducting research in relevant fields. These researchers are invited to step onto the frontline of policy as ‘Policy Associates’, by engaging in face-to-face and online meetings and providing written support.

Key features

  • 20 Policy Fellows, from across different levels of government, think tanks, NGOs, etc.

  • Insights into the most pressing questions with regards to energy-SSH and policy.

  • Each Fellow meets with energy-SSH academics with expertise in their area.

  • Early-stage-researchers support the programme as a whole.

Benefits for participants

  • Access to in-depth expertise on live energy-SSH problems for Policy Fellows.

  • Opportunity to interact with policy and achieve impact for Policy Associates.

Capacity building

  • In 2020 a toolkit will be published outlining how to run a fellowship programme.

Are you a researcher or policyworker, and are you interested to participate in or learn more about this fellowship programme?

Send a message to Tessa de Geus at geus[at]drift.eur.nl