What are Policy Associates?

As part of the Policy Fellowship, the Policy Fellows are offered the opportunity to connect with high level SSH scholars and researchers – Policy Associates – who are conducting research in a field relevant to the policy dilemmas of the fellow. The main objectives of the fellowship is to feed-in cutting-edge SSH insights to low-carbon energy policy. This is achieved by recruiting over a hundred policy associates, matching them with a policy fellow based on their specific policy challenge and supporting virtual and real-life meetings between them.

During this Fellowship Programme 20 Policy Fellows will first be linked to 4 or 5 Policy Associates, with whom they discuss their individual policy challenge. After that Policy Fellows and their Policy Associates will group together to further discuss crucial energy issues based on different themes relevant in the energy transition – social Acceptance, Behavior, Just Transitions, Human Capital and Citizen Engagement.

Why Policy Associates are critical for Energy-SHIFTS?

Policy Associates, inside of Energy-SHIFTS activities, provide relevant connections that will create valuable networks throughout the EU. Since Policy Associates are selected based on several diversity criteria – Gender-balance, Geography, Discipline, Career Stage – this network that is created will have a wide reach of SSH-researchers