Horizon Scanning Working Group 4: Transport and Mobility

The Energy-SHIFTS Working Groups – of which there are four – run from Autumn 2019 to Summer 2020. This Working Group 4 is specifically interested in research broadly relating to Transport and Mobility.

We will provide a detailed list of 100 Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) critical questions needed to reach the 2050 carbon neutral goal in the area of transport and mobility. These are questions we believe should be prioritised in future EU-funded research and innovation, specifically under Horizon Europe. We are identifying these research questions through a systematic Horizon Scanning methodology.

Energy-SHIFTS has a direct policy advice role to the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD).

Further information can be sought from the Working Group Chair (marianne.ryghaug@ntnu.no).

Working Group 4 steering committee

Dr/Prof. Marianne Ryghaug
Dr/Prof. Marianne RyghaugChair
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norwey
Dr/Prof. Timo van Wirth
Dr/Prof. Timo van WirthCo-chair
The Dutch Research Institute for Transitions. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Ivana Suboticki
Dr. Ivana SubotickiCo-Chair
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norwey
Quentin Genard
Quentin GenardCritical Policy Friend
Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G),
Aline Scherrer
Aline ScherrerEarly Stage Researcher
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI), Karlsruhe, Germany
Emilia Smeds
Emilia SmedsEarly Stage Researcher
University College London,
United Kingdom

Working Group 4 members

We are very grateful for the following colleagues who are kindly engaging with us in this Horizon Scanning initiative, as part of the core group of researchers that are helping to select our final research funding priorities and to develop an accompanying narrative that binds our recommendations together.

Name and Surname Affiliation Country
Luca Bertolini University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Eda Beyazit İnce Istanbul Technical University Turkey
Ralf Brand Rupprecht Consult Forschung und Beratung GmbH Germany
Galit Cohen-Blankshtain Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
Marc Dijk Maastricht University The Netherlands
Marlene Freudendal Pedersen Roskilde University Denmark
Maria Giaoutzi National Technical University in Athens Greece
Stephan Gössling Lund University Sweden
Robert Guzik Jagellionian University Poland
Paula Kivimaa Finnish Environment Institute Finland
Christian Klöckner Norwegian University for Science and Technology Norway
Hristina Lazarova Nikolova University of National and World Economy Sofia Bulgaria
Aleksandra Lis Adam Mickiewicz University Poland
Oriol Marquet Barcelona University Spain
Dimitris Milakis Institute for Transport research, German Aerospace center Germany
Milos Mladenovic Aalto University Finland
Gijs Mom Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Caroline Mullen Leeds University UK
Nathalie Ortar ENTPE France
Pucci Paola University Milan Italy
Catarina Sales Oliveira University of Beira Interior Portugal
Tim Schwanen Oxford University UK
Daniel Seidenglanz Mazaryk University Czech Republic
Tauri Tuvikene Talliinn University Estonia
Alexander Wentland University of Munich Germany

*Additional members may be added in due course

Key publications

Foulds, C., Bharucha, Z.P., Krupnik, S., de Geus, T., Suboticki, I., Royston, S. and Ryghaug, M., 2019. An approach to identifying future Social Sciences & Humanities energy research priorities for Horizon Europe: Working Group guidelines for systematic Horizon Scanning. Cambridge: Energy-SHIFTS.