Energy-SHIFTS “Energy Social sciences & Humanities Innovation Forum Targeting the SET-Plan” will contribute to a EU European Energy Union that places societal needs centrally, by further developing Europe’s leadership in using and applying energy-related Social Sciences and Humanities (energy-SSH).

Energy-SHIFTS activities will target over 10,000 stakeholders and begin with scoping activities including: accessible guides to SSH in EU policy; workshops on SSH priority themes; online policyworker and researcher databases.

We will build on this scoping work to implement: 4 Working Groups across SET-Plan themes; a Policy Fellowship scheme; an Early-Stage Researcher programme; masterclasses for policy, NGO, STEM, and media audiences; 4 online citizen debates; and a pan-European conference.

Our core activities will both provide immediate insights for the short-term directions of EU energy policy as well as foundations for longer-term mechanisms that will enable evidence-based energy-SSH insights to reach the ‘policy front line’.

As a central body bringing SSH communities together, we are working to directly inform Horizon Europe and SET-Plan priorities. Running over 2019-2021, Energy-SHIFTS will significantly enhance the policy impact of energy-SSH, and accelerate shifts to low-carbon energy systems.