We plan four on-line citizen debates which will focus on one of the SETPlan Topics. The online citizen driven discussion platform ‘Debating Europe’ will be our key channel to open the Forum to all voices.

We will discuss:

  • Renewables.

  • Smart consumption.

  • Energy efficiency.

  • Transport.

We see our interactive online citizen debates as particularly critical in contributing to social dialogue processes. We are all citizens, and as such, we all play a role in moving towards a clean, efficient and sustainable energy transition. That is why it is important to get involved.

The online debates with young Europeans will begin by us presenting headline outcomes to citizens through diverse reactions from external research/policy experts (presented by video interviews), with citizens then encouraged to respond with their own views.

Debating on renewables we would like to encompass how social, institutional, behavioural and political science insights can help construct renewable energy transition scenarios that address alleviating energy poverty, health issues and ensure democratic inclusion, burden sharing and citizen engagement.

Discussing smart consumptions we will focus on the impacts of (digital) information provision on behaviours, and the learning process of going beyond cognitive ‘know what’ to develop practical ‘know how’ with regards to new technologies.

Talking about energy efficiency we wish to recognize rebound effects, everyday life changes that come from efficiency measures, the relationship between energy use and energy efficiency.

Debating transport means looking at the overlapping roles of technological innovation, change of practice, and policies in the transport sector. Sharing economy models, electrification and autonomous driving will all reshape the way people/goods move, raising issues such as the future of ‘the car’, inclusivity, democracy, diversity and openness.

Contact person: Maria Światkiewicz-Mośny, Jagiellonian University, maria.swiatkiewicz-mosny[at]uj.edu.pl