Ami Crowther as a PhD researcher at the School of Education, Environment and Development at Manchester University developed this poster showing how her research focuses on the key role of citizen and institutions associated with energy systems.

Cities are increasingly considered key sites for low-carbon transitions as they enable the implementation of bespoke approaches and the possibility of developing localised visions and strategies of change. These localised approaches are able to be developed at a quicker pace than national and global action.

As part of its low-carbon transition, Greater Manchester intends to develop localised energy systems – with this supporting the city region’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2038. This research focuses on the actors, institutions and infrastructures associated with these localised energy systems, considering their perceptions, experiences and relationships with each other.

The research has impact in 2 ways – 1) contributing to the currently limited social science perspectives on localised energy systems and 2) providing insight to support the development of mechanisms to support Greater Manchester’s low-carbon transition. 

Ami is currently working on her PhD that focuses on the governance of distributed energy systems in the context of UK city regions.