Working Group guidelines for systematic Horizon Scanning


Horizon Scanning is a type of Foresight method used to bring together new disciplines and expertise in new ways, to undertake systematic and usually fairly comprehensive evaluations of emerging trends, issues, priorities, etc. Our four policy-focussed Horizon Scans will each detail the top 100 energy-related Social Sciences and Humanities (energy-SSH) research questions that the

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Working Groups – Terms of Reference


These Terms of Reference publications are the first in a series of documents that our Working Groups activity will produce; they cover the aims, scope, purpose, boundaries, timelines, and initial Working Group member names. These publications cover the four Working Group topics: Renewables; Smart Consumption; Energy Efficiency; Transport;

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Guide to the SET-Plan


This guide is aimed at introducing a key piece of current EU energy policy – the Strategic Energy Technology Plan or ‘SET-Plan’ – to a wider audience. Whilst we hope it is of use to anyone wanting to learn about the SET-Plan, it is in particular written for researchers working in the energy-related Social

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Guide to the ETIPs


The ETIPs and sectorial fora are in most (but not all) cases focussed around particular low-carbon energy technologies; there is significant potential for cutting edge SSH insights on the human and social components of energy transitions to feed into the ETIPs’ work given the interrelated nature of technologies and the societies in which they

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Scoping workshop reports


This collection of reports forms part of the scoping work of the Energy Social Sciences and Humanities Innovation Forum Targeting the SET Plan (Energy-SHIFTS). The reports are based on four workshops held in Spring/Summer 2019, which brought together experts from the research and policy sectors to discuss four themes: 1. Social innovation in the

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