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Working Groups’ Annotated bibliographies

Each overview report accessibly introduces ~25 key energy-SSH research publications from recent decades, focusing on the four European energy policy areas of: renewables; smart consumption; energy efficiency; and transport and mobility. These could be especially useful when arguing for how SSH integration may be moving beyond the ‘state of the art’ (as per the proposal template’s focus on ‘ambition’), given that the bibliographies focus in particular on past seminal works as well as recent cutting-edge thinking)

Inclusive engagement scoping workshop report

Our report details the interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder discussions that took place at our scoping workshop on inclusive engagement. It demonstrates the potential of broadening our approaches to better include SSH ideas on participation, inclusivity, acceptance, and what the implications of should a step could be too. The report’s literature review could also prove useful for those wanting to read more in this area.

Energy-SHIFTS Policy Fellowship reports

Our report on Shifting perspectives: insights from the Energy Policy Fellowships draws on the experience of 7 policyworkers in engaging with citizen engagement ideas, as part of our policy fellowship programme. Additionally, our Live energy policy challenges report compiled key policy challenges facing energy policyworkers, and discussed how citizen engagement was viewed as a means for tackling their priority policy problems. Together, these reports give transdisciplinary insights into how citizen engagement approaches are viewed from multiple stakeholders communities.