The Energy-SHIFTS policyworkers database intends to bring together on one platform individuals and organisations working on the social aspects of energy in the European energy policy space.

The searchable database contains key details of policy-oriented individuals and organisations involved in European energy policy. This should help capture a concrete picture of the energy policy community and facilitate contacts among policyworkers as well as with energy-Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) researchers.



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Renewables (excl. transport fuels) 242
Smart consumption 179
Energy efficiency 209
Transport 111
Carbon Capture and Storage 69
Nuclear 45

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  • Republic of Poland Ministry of Investment and Economy Development


    Renewables (excluding transport fuels) Energy efficiency Transport
    carbon taxes; climate diplomacy ; social development ; sustainable economy


    Renewables (excluding transport fuels)
    energy democracy, energy cooperatives, energy communities, prosumers
  • Roberts, Josh [Individual]

    Advocacy Officer | Belgium
    Renewables (excluding transport fuels) Energy efficiency
    citizen/community ownership and participation in the energy transition
  • Roedl&Partner


    Renewables (excluding transport fuels) Smart consumption Energy efficiency Transport Carbon Capture and Storage
    arbon taxes; citizen engagement; fuel poverty; urban design; climate diplomacy
  • Chaffardon, Gersende [Individual]

    Research project manager
    R&D department | RTE - Réseau de transport d'électricité | France
    Renewables (excluding transport fuels) Smart consumption
    new uses of electricity; energy sufficiency; social acceptance of renewables; flexibility of consumption; local energy communities
  • Schellekens, René [Individual]

    Senior Consultant
    Sustainability | RVO | Netherlands
    Smart consumption Energy efficiency
    Energy poverty irt health
  • Davies, Emma [Individual]

    Principal Sustainability Consultant
    Built and Natural Environment Team | Shared Greater Cambridge Planning Service | United Kingdom (UK)
    Renewables (excluding transport fuels) Transport
    sustainable construction policy; net zero carbon; climate resilience; smart energy grids; social justice; new green deal
  • Voutilanen, Esko [Individual]

    Single Wing Energy Oy | Finland
    Renewables (excluding transport fuels) Smart consumption
    off grid hybrid (decentralized wind) energy - small wind turbine


    Renewables (excluding transport fuels) Smart consumption Energy efficiency Transport Carbon Capture and Storage
    Renewable energy Ocean space Industry Building and infrastructure Climate and the environment Oil and gas Health and welfare Society Digitalization Transport
  • Bysveen, Marie [Individual]

    Senior researcher, Market director
    Thermal energy | SINTEF | Norway
    Smart consumption Carbon Capture and Storage
    Public engagement and percetion